Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Terri - Progress Report

I haven't posted here since my introduction in March - which doesn't mean I haven't made any progress in the challenge. I'm just not real big on writing reviews.

I've read a few more Booker books since March - three of the winners, The Blind Assassin, The Gathering and The Remains of the Day - and two shortlisted - Unless and Never Let Me Go. (I've become an Ishiguro aficionado.) With the exception of The Gathering, these are all among my favorites of the year.

My reading plan has changed a little bit, since I've added some Booker winners to Mount TBR. So for the next six months, I hope to read from the winners' circle:
  • The God of Small Things
  • Vernon God Little
  • Possession
  • The English Patient
  • Oscar and Lucinda
and from the short lists:
  • Arthur and George
  • Atonement
  • A Fine Balance
I have an exciting 1/2 year ahead of me, book-wise. Between this and the Orange Prize challenge, my reading will be exceptional!

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