Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Shortlist Announced

The 2012 shortlist was announced this morning.  The nominees are:

Some of these have already been reviewed on The Complete Booker, including Swimming Home, Bring up the Bodies, and The Garden of Evening Mists.

Which one is your favorite to win?


  1. Ooh, Bring up the Bodies, definitely, but I think it might be a long shot since Wolf Hall was such a recent winner.

    Being stateside I haven't had a chance to read any of the others (we have Narcopolis as the store right now...)

    1. Melissa, I'm stateside too. The books are gradually becoming available here. A friend of mine posted elsewhere today, "I checked to see which titles are currently available in the US, using Amazon.com as a reference. Narcopolis and Bring Up the Bodies have been available for quite a while; The Garden of Evening Mists was published last week; and The Lighthouse is also available. Umbrella won't be released in the US until early January, and Swimming Home is not yet available. All of these books can be purchased through Amazon, AbeBooks or other sellers of UK books, though."

  2. I can't read most of them because I, too, am in the US. But I imagine the winner will be either Bring up the Bodies or The Garden of the Evening Mists (from discussions I've had with people who've read most of the longlist).