Sunday, February 12, 2012

Introducing Kate

Hello, friends.

I'm pleased to be included in The Complete Booker. I've been steadily reading through Booker winners and nominees for a few years and am glad to be able to share thoughts and reviews with others. As a current full-time graduate student in archaeology, I'm also grateful to Laura for having and maintaining this site for all of us to use!

I am an avid reader across many genres (though I tend to dislike postcolonial fiction) and my reviews range from longer, ponderous pieces to short, casual "thoughts on" posts. Outside of my dissertation research I also enjoy hiking, travelling, good coffee, interesting art, museums, dancing, and I'm taking up knitting again after many years away. I am an expat American living and teaching in a small English town, and relishing the cultural difference.

I won't bore you all with reposting all of my previous Booker posts from my blog, What Kate's Reading, but will link for you to peruse as you choose:
Wow, I'm actually suddenly rather impressed with myself. (Please note that there were too many characters to label all of these as needed - sorry!)

For my reading here on out I'll either post a current link to my blog or the full review itself. Does anyone have any opinion on that? I don't have any Bookers in the to be read pile as yet, but as my reading is highly dependent on my local library, I have no doubt one will come up soon enough.

Thanks again, and I look forward to being a part of this site.


  1. Kate, thanks for your fine introduction!

    Personally, I tend to post reviews on my blog and then copy/paste the post to this site, and I add a link at the end to my blog. That's one option that's not too time-consuming. But really, feel free to do whatever works best for you. The important thing is for you to read -- and hopefully -- great books!

    1. Thanks again, Laura!

      I also just realized that I have Wolf Hall on my shelf waiting for a read, so that may be an ongoing book for the future.

  2. Hello Kate! I should've thought of that (putting a list of links). Anyway, I think each contributor has a unique, uhm, format for posting. Happy reading!