Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Athena K.

Hello!  Recently, in a moment of inspiration, I decided to start the process of reading every Booker book (and shortlisted book).   I started last week with The Finkler Question, and I will post my first review here soon.  I chose Booker Prize winners and nominees because one of my absolute favorite books of all time - Midnight's Children - won the "Booker of Bookers"; I trust the committee's judgement.  I have also read several other Booker novels over the years, including Life of Pi, Sacred Hunger, Alias Grace, A Fine Balance, The Moor’s Last Sigh, The Satanic Verses, and The Handmaid’s Tale.  I'm currently reading The Inheritance of Loss

I have been an avid reader my entire life, and majored in English Literature back in college, but I have been feeling left out of the literary world recently.  I recently moved out to the suburbs of Seattle, got a local library card, and find myself commuting on a bus a few days a week.  So I have all this extra reading time and access to nearly every one of these novels. I am hoping that reading these books will help me feel engaged again, and that in contributing to this blog as a poster and a commenter I can find a community of people who share my interests and passions - and who can share their insights and contribute to my understanding and appreciation.   

I started my own blog as well located here:

It's nice to meet you all!

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  1. Welcome, Athena! I can't think of a better way to spend your commuting time! I look forward to reading your reviews.