Monday, February 15, 2010

Lorraine's Review - The Sea - 2005

Max Morden is awash in grief over the death of his wife Anna and he returns to a place from his childhood – Ballyless, a coastal town. There he had first encountered love and loss and the novel intertwines these memories with descriptions of his family life and the last year with his wife. His memories of childhood are imprecise but he was enraptured by the twins – Chloe and Myles Grace who were there in the summer when he was a young boy of about ten or eleven.
Although the novel is brief (195 pages) it is a demanding book to read.

I tried hard but found that I was not interested in the characters and did not engage with the writing.


  1. Well, you can't win 'em all, can you? You're making great progress reading the winners !

  2. I didn't like this one, either. Oy.

  3. Hi there....yes, I have been really enjoying the winners and have been reading some titles I never would have read I am grateful for that!