Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 Booker Prize goes to Hilary Mantel for "Wolf Hall" !

Congratulations to Hilary Mantel who has won the 2009 Booker Prize for Wolf Hall!

Here are two news releases if you'd like to read more:
So far we have one review posted, by Bianca. Has anyone else read the book yet? I can't wait to do so!


  1. I think this year is the year for literary women with Herta Muller (HM) winning the Nobel and Hillary Mantel (HM) winning the Booker. Just realised that their initials are the same...

  2. Love anything related to ole Henry! Writing in the 1st person (as Thomas Cromwell narrates) makes determining the antecedents pretty confusing, though.

    Highly recommended Longview Dentist office