Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lisa: Progress so far...

Ok, I've finished posts of 17 Booker Prize winners: all 15 Bookers I'd read and journalled prior to joining this Challenge, and 2 that I read in 2008, In a Free State and Rites of Passage. Posts from me are going to slow down from now on!

Of the 24 titles remaining, I have 10 on my TBR: The Elected Member; G; The Conservationist; Saville; Offshore; The Remains of the Day; The Famished Road; The English Patient; True History of the Kelly Gang; and The Inheritance of Loss. I think I might start with The Elected Member and fill in gaps chronologically from there onward.

There are 5 to acquire from somewhere: Midnight's Children; The Old Devils; How Late it Was, How Late; The Gathering; and The White Tiger. I'd like to buy these as First Editions, to add to my collection.

And then I shall decide what to do about the remaining 8 that I have read but not journalled, mostly because I read them before I started keeping a reading journal in 1997. (Sometimes I finish reading a book late at night, start another, and forget to journal the finished one. This, I think is what happened with Disgrace which I read in 1999, and with The Line of Beauty in 2004.) Will I re-read them? Maybe... there's a few others on my TBR to deal with!

Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers, 9.1.2009


  1. Lisa, thank you for all the excellent reviews you have posted here. Your reading journal must be an amazing sight to behold!

    I'm looking forward to more of your thoughtful, well-written reviews.

  2. Love the photos, not to mention the thorough reviews! I did a double-take because your shelves look a lot like mine. Books and Bookers everywhere.