Monday, September 1, 2008

Jackie's review of Master Georgie

Master Georgie was short listed for the Booker prize in 1998, and is the first book I have read by Beryl Bainbridge. It is about a group of 3 people who set out from Victorian Liverpool to the Crimean war.

I found the book relatively easy to read, but the plot moved very slowly. The characters did not engage me, and the whole book seemed to lack the depth required for a decent read. The last 20 pages of the book were the only ones with any substance. Unfortunately these are the ones where the characters finally get to the Crimean war, and so are very disturbing. I was torn between wanting the action to have happened earlier, therefore getting a longer period of action; and wanting them never to get to the war, leaving a very boring book, but without the gruesome images I now have in my head.

I’m not looking forward to reading other books by Beryl Bainbridge and I’d avoid this book if you can.

2 out of 5 stars

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