Saturday, May 31, 2008

Introduction Redheadrambles

Hi, I am new to the world of blogging and have just started my own book blog called Redheadrambles - it is turning out to be quite fun.  I started out with the idea of blogging about the latest book I was reading but this quickly led me to a discovery of "Book Challenges". So here I am - ready to read more Booker Prize winners...(although I think the short-listed books can sometimes be more rewarding). To date I have read 9 / 41 prize winners with my favorites so far being  The Remains of the Day and The life of Pi. Of the shortlisted books I have read 20, standouts include Cloudatlas and recently Mr Pip. 

My intention at the moment is to read the books nominated for the "Best of the Bookers". To this end I have reviewed The Ghost Road and Disgrace

Looking forward to the challenge !


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  1. Thanks for joining, it's great to have you with us! I agree sometimes the shortlisted books are more rewarding than the winner. I also loved Cloud Atlas; Mitchell is one of my favorite authors. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews!