Thursday, January 31, 2008

2008 Man Booker Challenge

Welcome to all participants in the Man Booker Challenge! Dewey and I have joined forces, and the challenge will be hosted from this blog. Here's a reminder of the challenge rules:

To participate in the Man Booker Challenge, you just choose 6 books that have won the Man Booker Prize, or have been shortlisted or longlisted. They can be from any year. The challenge will run from January to December 2008.

If you'd like to join the fun, follow the instructions at The Complete Booker's "How to Join" post. this post also includes a few guidelines which I will repeat here:

Guidelines for Blog Participants:

  • Introduce yourself via a blog post, and tell us about any Booker Prize winners you've read previously.
  • You may post a review of each book you've read, even if it was a long time ago.
  • As you read more books, you may post a full review, link to a review on your own blog, or just create a brief post noting the title(s) read. It's up to you!

Conventions for Labeling Posts:

  • Always use your name as a label.
  • Use the label, "Progress" for reading list updates.
  • For each prize-winning book read, use the year won and the title of the book i.e.; "2006 - The Inheritance of Loss"
  • For each nominee read, use the year nominated and note whether it was shortlisted or longlisted i.e.; "2007 - Shortlist"


  1. I'm looking forward to reading something other than text books in 2008! And six seems like a reasonable start ...

    My list:

    Inheritance of Loss
    Life of Pi
    The Blind Assassin
    The God of Small Things
    The Famished Road
    Hotel Du Lac

    Let the reading begin!

  2. >tnb,
    That's a great list! I recommend you sign up to be a contributor to this blog. Then you can create a blog post with your list, and post reviews as you read each book.

    Just follow the instructions at The Complete Booker's How to Join post.

    And then, as you say, let the reading begin!

  3. it's so nice to find so many reading challenges on the net. i hope it's not too late to be included. i've read several of the authors and books listed. i was surprised to see Graham Swift's "Last Orders". i had no idea it was a Booker prize winner! must read it again. as well as several others.

    will send you an email.