Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dana's Introduction

Hooray! I'm here! *skips about gleefully*
We'll just start by making a list of bookers with which I have made my acquaintance, and how I felt about them. The ones I have reviewed this year I will repost my reviews here later.

*The Inheritance of Loss (you know, I STILL can't decide on this. Beautiful writing, difficult content)
*The Blind Assassin (not my favorite Atwood, but still brilliant)
*the Bone People (LOVED it-also often a very emotionally difficult read)
*The Remains of the Day (I read this in college and remember almost nothing of it. I am going to have to reread it)

There you have it. The impressive (snort) list of already read Bookers.
This month I am slated to read The God of Small Things and G. I looked at the back cover of G and felt a little non-plussed. We'll see how it goes

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  1. Hi Dana! Thanks for joining! I'm interested to hear what you think of your next reads ...